Sunday, February 24, 2008

Children's Literature Briefly: Chapter 11

I was so excited when I read this chapter and saw that one of my favorite series as an adolescent was mentioned as an example! It mentioned Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s “Alice” series which I loved so much as a middle school student because I felt that I related so much to Alice. The trials and experiences she was going through I felt reflect my life or my life in the near future. This is a great example of what contemporary realistic fiction offers to its readers, relatable characters and settings. I was not surprised to read that this is the most popular genre and the most controversial. Most of the books that I read during middle school and even now are contemporary realistic fiction. Because this genre is about fictitious reality situations and story lines it can become controversial when addressing life’s issues that are more sensitive to the public and society. Sometimes people feel that it is better to keep the harsher realities of life away or hidden from children but in recent years we have seen an increase in taboo topics being presented in children’s contemporary realistic fiction.

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