Friday, May 2, 2008

Book Review/Annotated Bibliograpy

Book Review

This children’s book is about a King who is very reluctant to get out of the bathtub. His court makes several unsuccessful attempts throughout the course of the day to lure him out of the tub. Instead of getting him out of his bubble bath they end up joining him in the bath partaking in the activity they requested. It takes a creative thought from an unlikely source to figure out how to get King Bidgood to finally get out.

The story line is humorous, repetitive, and entertaining. You can’t help but chuckle or at least smile when you turn the page after a failed character has left the bathtub and are standing in the court dripping wet from head to toe. The simple text has a repetitive pattern that is easy for children to catch on to and join in with. The repetition pattern has minor changes from time to time that keep the story progressing. For instance, the line “come in cried the king” is repeated throughout the book but is followed by a different word repeated three times depending on the activity requested; “yum yum yum”, “jig jig jig”.

The incredibly detailed life like illustrations will keep your attention long after the text on the page has been read. From the small delicate bubbles that float out of the King’s bathroom to the elaborate and accurate period clothing of the court. The color use throughout the book changes gradually with each turn of the page. At the beginning of the book “when the sun came up” the general color of the page is yellow then fades into light blue during the day, pink and red in the evening, and finally purple and navy blue “when the night got dark”.

I enjoyed this book as a child just as much as I do now as an adult. It’s one of those books that every time you read it you’ll find something different that wasn’t previously noticed. I recommend it for everyone but in particularly grades 1-3 who will comprehend and enjoy this masterpiece.

Wood, Audrey. King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub. Illus. by Don Wood. New York: Scholastic Inc, 1993.

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