Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Read Aloud Plan #1

Ehlert,Louis. Planting a Rainbow. San Diego, CA: Harcourt Inc, 1988.

I got the opportunity to read this book to Grace Anne Strieght. She is a four year old preschooler that my roommate babysits a few days out of the week.

The book is basically the step by step process of planting flowers. It begins with the sentence "Every year Mom and I plant a rainbow," then begins explaining how to make plants grow. The illustrations are very colorful and are representative of what is going on in the text. The book contains the names of several flowers, most of which I was not even familiar with. Towards the end of the story there are pages that contain flowers of a certain color. For example, there is a page of red flowers then a page of orange flowers and so on.

I chose this book to read to Grace Anne because she loves flowers and has been noticing them popping up all around outside recently.

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