Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sidewalk Circus

This book obviously had amazing illustrations! Despite the fact there aren't words or text on the page that actually tells the story I though the signs, if read, gave a clue to look for something in the picture or shadows of the picture.

I really like the side picture that appeared on every page of the little girl (then later the little boy) watching the other side of the street. Everything from her exaggerate facial expressions to the fact that she is brighter than anyone else in the background. It is as if she is lit up in comparison to those around her because she is the only on who is enlightened with the knowledge of what is really going on across the street or that she is the one who see the "light". This is a great book to look at over and over and over again to try and catch things you previously did not.

Fleischman, Paul. Sidewalk Circus. Illus. Kevin Hawkes. Cambridge, MA: Candlewich Press, 2004.

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